Tuesday, July 31, 2007

arduino update

OK, so the circuit I initially designed violates the laws of physics. OK, so I didn't know this at first and tried to implement a software fix. At least it shows I'm thinking, right?

Anyway, the initial circuit design, being impossible in this universe, has been scrapped. I've gone to a newer, much simpler circuit design, which isn't nearly as much fun as the first but has the advantage of not being imaginary. I am now writing the software for it, then I have to go to Radio Shack and get a momentary NO pushbutton switch so I can actually build it.

And then I shall rule the world.

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Marcel said...

Hi Patrick,

I've been using "Google Alerts" to find me stuff I'm interested in each day... like Arduino. So that's how I came to find your blog.

I'm intrigued enough to ask what project your working on with your new Arduino. Care to share?

I'm playing with a solar tracker (heliostat) and have ideas for a biogas digeter automation system. (In my dreams!)