Monday, July 23, 2007

How to Be a Real Writer

107 words: Jesus Christ, there's no way I'm going to be able to stretch this out to 800 words. I've already said everything there is to say. Short and concise, that's me. Hemingway. Bam, to the point! I suppose I can add some detail...

253 words: One third of the way there. I know they wanted 800 words, but come on. I'm going to have to write the equivalent of what I just wrote, then write the same amount _again_. Not gonna happen. I'm lucky if I can get 500 words out of this.

403 words: Halfway point! Time for a break! What movie can I watch?

505 words: Ok, if I stretch things out a bit, I'll probably make 800 words.

652 words: Uh, I might be in a bit of trouble here. Let me make a quick outline to see what's still remaining to talk about. I should have done an outline before I started. I always forget.

733 words: OK, I'm just gonna keep writing until I get it all down, then I'll cut.

958 words: Jesus Christ, there's no way I'm going to be able to shrink this down to 800 words. I've already left out so much.

909 words: Yeah, cleaning up the first half always helps.

856 words: Great. Now I have a string of great quotes without anything to hold them together.

871 words: Going in the wrong direction here. I think I have to lose the descriptive passages. It's the best writing I've ever done, so of course it has to go.

775 words: I cut too much. This whole thing makes ZERO sense now.

813 words: There! They won't mind if I'm a little bit over.

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C. Zaitz said...

haaa aahh ahhhh you've hit it on the head and made me smile as I sit here dry as a bone...waiting for the river to flow...problem: deadline isn't till tomorrow. Word count: 158. 600 - 158 = aw crap. It's going to be a 613 worder I bet. It often comes out that number. Good thing I'm not superstitious.