Tuesday, October 2, 2007

When I think about me, I hype myself

My "What's Inside Cool Whip" article from Wired Magazine is scheduled to be brought to life on the small screen for the premiere of Wired Science, a new weekly tv show from Wired magazine. I'm not on camera (Yet. I'm working on that), but I worked on the writing/production of two early segments: Cool Whip, and "How to Make a Glowstick".

The show premieres on Wednesday, October 3 at 8PM on most PBS stations.


C. Zaitz said...

The show is effing awesome.

Lundy said...

Patrick Di Justo would you consider putting links to all your "What's Inside?" articles on your blog please? My boyfriend teaches science at Pensacola Jr College and gives the same assignment, one at a time to students for extra credit and then reads to them your info on the various products. I subscribe to WIRED but dont keep all the back issues forever...we have had a hard time finding the older ones on the WIRED site to print out for his class. Something is wrong w/ the search on WIRED tonight, I get blank pages w/ only the header and footer. Anyway, if you'd add a link to the past articles, then at least we'll find them (probably) using Google. Thanks, Lundy Wilder

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