Monday, September 17, 2007

Cell phone obscene calls

Has anyone reading this been the recipient of obscene or harassing phone calls on their cell phone? How did you handle it?

Someone with a blocked CallerID has been calling my cell phone in the wee hours and -- ignoring my Barry White baritone when I say hello -- asking me if I'm wearing panties. I know, I know. It's the 1AM part that I find most annoying, and last night I decided to call T-Mobile about it.

I asked how I could activate Anonymous Call Rejection, or Anonymous Call Blocking, on my cell phone. They said there was no such thing. I said there is such a thing on my landline. They said there is no such thing in the cell world. Why not? It just isn't. (Ansd they're not lying -- the FCC doesn't require cellular providers to provide ACR.) They admitted that it was one of their most requested features. So why don't they implement it? They just don't. They recommended I change my number (for a $15 fee).

The bottom line is that T-Mobile operates in some sort of looking glass world where the rules of customer service are inverted: repeated customer wishes -- wishes that can add to a customer's safety and security -- are ignored if they cause a customer to spend less of the currency of the realm, cell phone minutes.

Anyway, being a reporter and all I decided to make an article about this, and to do so I need real-world examples. Have you gotten obscene calls on your cell phone, and how did you handle it?


cfrz said...

Hi, yes I did about 10 minutes ago and AT&T said the same thing about they had no idea of how to find out who was making the calls. I have it on my landline to where if there is no number that shows up then it doesn't even ring at my house but that just doesn't seem possible on a cell for some reason. I bet they have no problem charging me and the person that called the minutes for the call. I'm concerned about my daughter answering the phone and it be the obscene caller, calling.. what then? I'm trying to find someone to e-mail about this issue but that even seems impossible...

Anonymous said...

I also have been receiving nasty calls and was told by AT&T to get a subpoena and then they could get the number released to the law and I could bring chargesagainst the creep.