Sunday, April 15, 2007

Doctor Sex!

The girl packed comedy you've been waiting for!

This is a trailer for a 1964 "nudie cutie". Nudie Cuties were short (approximately 60 minute -- 5 reel) movies made primarily in the 1960s, as the Production Code was dying. They used zany comedic plots as an excuse to show lots and lots of naked 1960s women cavorting about the screen in glorious color. They cost about $1.98 to make (and they looked it) and so were inherently profitable. They also provided a last gasp for the old baggy pantsed burlesque comedians who hadn't made the transition to nightclubs or television.

Listen very carefully to the narrator of the trailer. Sound familiar? He's disguising using a fake stentorian narrator's bark, but his real voice comes through in the phrase "after all, look at his life". HINT: His most famous role might indeed have been subtitled "Dr. Sex".

And the narrator is.....

Wayne Rogers, Trapper John McIntyre for four seasons on M*A*S*H. As a 30 year old actor he wrote (under the pseudonym Juan Rogerio) and produced the 1964 nudie cutie "Dr. Sex".

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